Adrienne Torf began studying piano at the age of three. Her early experience included playing for theater productions, choral groups and an all-girl disco band while a student at Smith College. After graduating from Stanford, she became a contract studio and touring keyboard player, touring and recording with Holly Near, Linda Tillery, Ferron, Kay Gardner and others. Her keyboard compositions and arrangements appear on more than 20 albums, including her own two solo releases: Brooklyn From The Roof (1986) and Two Hands Open (2003).

In 1983, Adrienne began a long-running collaboration with the late poet and political activist June Jordan. Bang Bang Über Alles, their full-length contemporary opera, was produced off-Broadway and by Atlanta's Seven Stages Theater, where the Ku Klux Klan attempted to shut down the show. Their recording June June Jordan & Adrienne Torf: Collaboration (Selected Works, 1983-2000) was released in 2003, featuring studio performances by Jordan and Torf, as well as guest vocals by Rhiannon, Jeanie Tracy, Cris Williamson and Andre dos Santos Morgan.

In 1992, Adrienne earned an MBA from UC Berkeley. She works in finance and operations leadership roles in progressive nonprofit organizations.


Each piece on Brooklyn From The Roof is stylistically unique…[Torf] has technique to burn (and enough artistic maturity to use it wisely). Brooklyn is a strong contribution, imbued with emotional intensity and impressive aesthetic awareness.

- Lee Underwood, Tower Pulse!

Brooklyn From The Roof is a gem of an album…[It] shows her to be a commanding talent, by turns romantic, introspective and witty.

- Jeff McLaughlin, The Boston Globe

…[a] gifted young American composer and keyboard artist…

- The New York Times

Adrienne Torf is a true musician. Her compositions go beyond the frame of jazz and the classics to create a free and unique world. Yet, she maintains a dignity essential in music. Brooklyn From The Roof is colorful, mysterious and profound.

- ADLIB Magazine

Move over George Winston and Philip Glass. Adrienne Torf is coming into her own

- The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Adrienne is an incredible pianist.

- Holly Near

One of 1988’s 10 best albums…

- Susan Wilson, The Boston Globe

Torf succeeds in communicating her love of music, and in pulling us into it with her.

- Tatiana Schreiber, GCN

Torf’s delicately skilled touch blended perfectly, no matter what the style…[In] the evening show-stopper, “Hay Una Mujer”…Torf performed an amazing, complex arrangement of the tune [which] brilliantly and eloquently conveyed the horror and loss.

- S.L. Guthrie, Anchorage Daily News

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TWO HANDS OPEN (ABongo Music, 2003). Original music for piano; Leslie Ann Jones, producer.

JUNE JORDAN and ADRIENNE TORF: COLLABORATION (Selected Works, 1983-2000), (2003). Poetry and lyrics by June Jordan, music by
Adrienne B. Torf. Featuring performances by Jordan and Torf, Cris Williamson, Rhiannon, Andre dos Santos Morgan, Jeanie Tracy and others; Adrienne Torf, producer.

BROOKLYN FROM THE ROOF, ABongo Music (1988; re-issued 2003) and Nippon Phonogram (1987). Original music for piano and synthesizers; Leslie Ann Jones, producer.

FIND A WAY, ABongo Music (1990). Original music for piano and synthesizers; Adrienne Torf and Patrice Perkins, producers.


SIMPLY LOVE, Holly Near, Calico Tracks Music (2000)

INSIDE OUT, The IMA Sessions, Ferron, IMA (1999)

DREAM FORWARD, DreamForward (1998).

DRIVER, Ferron, Cherrywood Station (1994).

ANOTHER PLACE, Margie Adam, Pleiades Records (1993).

GARDEN OF ECSTASY, Kay Gardner, Ladyslipper Records (1989).

MOTHER WIT and INNER DANCE, Diane Mariechild and Shuli Goodman, in conjunction with Mother Wit books (1987).

SHADOWS ON A DIME, Ferron, Lucy Records (1984).

FROM THE HEART, Meg Christian, Olivia Records (1984).

LIVE AT CARNEGIE HALL, Meg Christian and Cris Williamson, Olivia Records (1983).

SPEED OF LIGHT, Holly Near, Redwood Records (1982).

FIRE IN THE RAIN, Holly Near, Redwood Records (1981).



NWMF Silver, Women In The Arts (1999)

A LOVE WORTH FIGHTING FOR, with Holly Near, Streeter Productions (1995)

FRUIT COCKTAIL, with Holly Near, Streeter Productions (1997)

MICHIGAN LIVE ’85, with Holly Near, August Night Records (1986)

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